The Beginning of a Fit and Healthy Life

Welcome to my first blog post!

I have set up this blog in order to share posts, photos, tips and general info about living a fit and healthy lifestyle in London, with a particular focus on fitness, nutrition, events, classes and reviews!

Over the last nine months, I have developed a HUGE love for fitness and healthy food and living. It has become a serious passion, one I never imagined I’d have. Sure, just like the next person, I would go to the gym now and again but I’ve never been particularly conscious about what I eat or followed a fitness regime.

Cue May 2016 – three months before my summer holiday to Greece. I started a fitness programme called BBG/Sweat with Kayla (which I will post about in more detail separately). I followed the programme on a weekly basis and was relatively confident about getting into my bikini on holiday BUT it made me realise… I am SO sick of having the mad quick-get-my-butt-to-the-gym-so-I-can-put-on-a-bikini-in-3-months panic. I would do the same thing every year, every summer. I  would frantically workout last minute before a holiday and then I’d be shocked when I didn’t see the results I wanted. In hindsight, this is so stupid but it’s true! Sound familiar?!

Fast forward a wonderful holiday, I came back to London and found myself wanting to carry on this time, rather than allowing my trainers to gather dust! I didn’t want the pre-holiday anxiety I found myself with, I wanted to feel good all year round. So I made it a lifestyle. My goal was never to lose weight, I wanted to be fitter and feel more confident about myself, to improve my health and general wellbeing. I lost between 8-10 pounds and I have kept that weight off purely by maintaining a balanced, fit and healthy lifestyle. My skin has improved, I am much happier in myself and I am definitely fitter!

It is not just a hobby and a passion of mine but a lifestyle which I have come to love. I am constantly learning about new ways to improve my health and personal nutrition and I want to use this blog as a platform to document this but also, if I can, to inspire others to make their own changes towards living a happier, healthier and fitter life.

Please leave me a comment below, if you’d like to, I would love to hear your thoughts :).



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