Bouncing around with Twice The Health

This Tuesday saw the second of Twice The Health’s collaboration events with Bounce Energy Balls at 1Rebel gym.

Simply because (a) Hannah & Emily are babes, (b) I love food and (c) I love fitness, I went to both events. Can you blame me?!

I thought the first time round was hard but WOW the girls stepped it up a notch on Tuesday with an absolute KILLER of a HIIT workout. Split into two, the class alternated between running on the treadmill and weighted exercises on the floor, in typical 1Rebel style. 17148788_10154134483706755_1910648133_o

Hannah instructed us over the music whilst Emily demonstrated the exercises and oh were we sweating! Special mention goes to the kick ass playlist…pushing through uphill sprints with “this sh*t is B-A-N-A-N-A-S” on in the background was both ironic and appropriate.


These ladies are super fun and encouraging but they take no nonsense as far as their workouts are involved! We were pushed to our limits and the muscles were fatigued to say the least.

We finished off the evening with a question and answer session with Hannah and Emily and were given goodie bags filled with delicious Bounce treats and Sweaty Betty goodies. The girls covered everything from their favourite post workout snacks (Bounce balls, obviously!) to running and workout tips.


Hannah and Emily are hardcore and serious fitspiration as the following day they were off to Marrakesh to run a half marathon…for fun. Crazy girls but wonderfully down to earth!

Thank you to Bounce, Twice The Health and 1Rebel for a fantastic event and for leaving me aching in places I didn’t know existed!



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