Friday night with the Girl Gains

On Friday night I attended my very first Girl Gains event, One Big Party, at ONE LDN gym hosted by the babes themselves, Tally, Zanna and Victoria.


The event was an opportunity for us to get together to meet new people, work out, share experiences, devour yummy food but most importantly to raise money for the incredible work of Street Child.

We all gathered in the gym studio with Zanna, Tally and Victoria and were split into two groups. “Your vibe attracts your tribe” really couldn’t be truer. The girls’ friendship is infectious and they are hilarious together. Check out Zanna’s reaction below to Tally referring to her class as a “Ride Me” spin class…


My group was whisked upstairs by Tally to the spin studio where I tried spinning for the first time and survived! Tally had us spinning in time to a kick ass playlist and really put us through our paces whilst keeping us motivated. I have no idea how she manages to shout, dip, sing and spin all at once whilst I’m just trying to work out my left from my right! We left the studio with jelly legs but feeling uplifted and excited to tackle the HIIT session.

We swapped over with the other group and were welcomed back to the studio by Zanna and Victoria who demonstrated seven circuits for us to work through with 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. The exercises varied from activating the glutes (because who doesn’t want a big booty?!) to squats, lunges, burpees, sprints, mountain climbers and sand bag throws.



These ladies do not mess around, Zanna and Victoria worked us hard but their unwavering enthusiasm kept us going. We repeated the circuits three times and rounded the session off with an attempt at a squat mexican wave and a lot of laughter…I think we might need a little more practice on that one!


After a stretch and a cool down, we came back together to refuel with some delicious protein shakes from Pitch and to sample Nakd’s newest flavoured bars and enjoy tasty Hippeas chickpea puffs and Oppo ice cream – which is so moreish! It gave us the chance to mingle, make new friends and laugh about our tomato faces!



Tally, Zanna, Victoria and Molly from Street Child then talked to us about their trip to Sierra Leone last year. Hearing about their experiences left me feeling so inspired but humbled about how much we have to be thankful for. The work that Street Child are doing to help the lives of those in Sierra Leone really is incredible and it’s a credit to the girls that the money raised from the event went towards the charity.


The evening rounded off with a raffle and some amazing prizes before we made our way home on a girl gains high.

The event was a huge success and a lot of fun. There is something so inspiring about being amongst so many other like-minded women. The Girl Gains message is very clear. It’s about empowering and encouraging women to be the best version of themselves and having fun whilst doing it! Tally, Zanna and Victoria are so grounded and naturally are the best example of this.


I cannot wait for the next event and to see everyone again and meet even more girl gainers!

If you want to get involved, there is an opportunity to join Tally and Victoria who are going back to Sierra Leone to run the half marathon in May for Street Child – huge respect to them, their dedication is incredible!

Thank you to the Girl Gains for making the event happen and bringing us together and to the amazing brands who provided all the yummy treats and to ONE LDN for the use of their beautiful gym. We will be back!



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