Step out of your comfort zone at UN1T

It’s South London’s hottest new gym and everyone is talking about it. UN1T’s mantra is clear – it’s emblazoned all over the studio – “we train as one”. It’s pretty simple really, work hard, work together, get results.
I tried out 3 classes at UN1T over the course of a week. Each day of the week has a different class focussing on strength, cardio and mobility. With the addition of dynamic yoga, there is something for everyone but you have to be prepared to work hard!


I took my sister along with me to Wednesday’s Trooper class, on her birthday, lucky thing! The studio  was laid out in a circuit with 12 stations and when Matthew, the trainer, talked about teamwork, he really meant it. Each circuit lasted for as long as it took each person to complete four laps with the sled push…easier said than done by your third time round! From assault bikes, SkiErgs and rowing machines, to resistance bands, barbells and boxes, it was a full body workout with a LOT of sweat. We were seriously put through our paces and totally earned ourselves brunch at Boys n Berry!


Next I tried Sunday’s Grind class which was a KILLER of a session! Damion and Matthew pushed us over and above our limits. We worked through circuits in a pyramid formation, completing each exercise for 20 seconds, then increasing to 30 seconds and so on. The circuits combined strength and cardio. The fact that the studio mirrors were completely steamed up by the end of the session vouches for the intensity of this class. I was really drawn out of my comfort zone in the workout and I left on such a high!

The following Tuesday, I headed to Niamh’s Legion class – a partner style strength workout split into upper body and lower body circuits. The workout was completely different from the other two sessions. Niamh had us focussing on controlled movements and perfecting our form to get the best results. I learnt something from this workout and walked out feeling stronger.


There is an energy about this place, it’s the enthusiasm of the trainers, the pumping music, the end of workout high fives…I left each class feeling like I’d broken a personal fitness boundary. It leaves you wanting more!

Also if post-workout shakes are your thing, you can pre-order one at reception before your workout! Plus the changing rooms have some pretty great selfie mirrors but don’t tell anyone I said that!

These guys have got it sussed. If you’re thinking about heading down there, be quick and grab the INCREDIBLE 7 day introductory free trial offer. You won’t regret it!


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