Say Hello to Spring

This week, on a sunny Spring morning, I attended the launch of a very exciting and unique wellbeing product by Hello Day at Deliciously Ella’s The Mae Deli.


On arrival, we were treated to a delicious breakfast of smashed avocado on toast and coconut chia pudding with MaE granola.


It was great to meet and to hear from the beautiful and super knowledgeable Angelique Panagos, a Registered Nutritional Therapist, who talked us through the science behind the way that our body responds to seasonal change and reacts to nutrition.


Angelique talked about that Winter slump we often feel after Christmas and explained that we often feel sluggish and tired as a result of being overfed and undernourished. She talked about a nutritional transition from Winter to Spring and explained the importance of working with and adapting to each season. Think about it, we sleep less in the Summer, our mood turns grey with the Autumn sky, we feel more tired during Winter and Spring makes us want to start afresh. I for one can relate to this but I have never stopped to consider this before.


Angelique explained that you can’t “out-supplement” a bad diet, pretty simple really. What you eat impacts on your body and wellbeing as a whole. It’s about the circadian rhythm, the physical, mental and behavioural changes in our bodies over a 24 hour cycle. Put simply, we need good sleep and a balanced diet and the two will complement each other so we can function properly.


Angelique highlighted the fact that we are living in a toxic world (be it the water we drink, the soil our vegetables are grown in, the air we breathe) and our body can benefit from being given the nutrients it needs to detox. These are what she calls detox warriors – food which helps the process of detoxing the liver. It’s about eating wholefoods and feeding on what nature intended. In our active, busy lifestyles, we are constantly using energy and this energy needs to be replaced in the form of nutrients and sleep in order for the body to function and flow properly. As I said, it’s simple really, when you think about it!


This is where Hello Day steps in. Hello Day has worked alongside French doctors and pharmacists to develop a new range of healthcare and wellbeing supplements with zero chemicals and side effects, using natural vitamins and plant extracts, to help anticipate and prevent seasonal symptoms and manage everyday health.


I am lucky enough to be trying out the Spring collection which contains four food supplements formulated to help balance vitality, reduce fatigue, activate circulation and aid digestion. I am really looking forward to giving the product a try next week and taking control of my wellbeing. The products are available to buy now as a set or individually here.


Thank you to Spink for inviting me and to the Mae Deli, Hello Day and Angelique Panagos for a wonderful morning and for the beautiful flowers and muffins we took away with us, what better way to kick-start Spring!


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