Step out of your comfort zone at UN1T

It’s South London’s hottest new gym and everyone is talking about it. UN1T’s mantra is clear – it’s emblazoned all over the studio – “we train as one”. It’s pretty simple really, work hard, work together, get results.
I tried out 3 classes at UN1T over the course of a week. Each day of the week has a different class focussing on strength, cardio and mobility. With the addition of dynamic yoga, there is something for everyone but you have to be prepared to work hard!

Bouncing around with Twice The Health

This Tuesday saw the second of Twice The Health’s collaboration events with Bounce Energy Balls at 1Rebel gym.

Simply because (a) Hannah & Emily are babes, (b) I love food and (c) I love fitness, I went to both events. Can you blame me?!

I thought the first time round was hard but WOW the girls stepped it up a notch on Tuesday with an absolute KILLER of a HIIT workout. Split into two, the class alternated between running on the treadmill and weighted exercises on the floor, in typical 1Rebel style. Continue reading

The Beginning of a Fit and Healthy Life

Welcome to my first blog post!

I have set up this blog in order to share posts, photos, tips and general info about living a fit and healthy lifestyle in London, with a particular focus on fitness, nutrition, events, classes and reviews!

Over the last nine months, I have developed a HUGE love for fitness and healthy food and living. It has become a serious passion, one I never imagined I’d have. Sure, just like the next person, I would go to the gym now and again but I’ve never been particularly conscious about what I eat or followed a fitness regime.

Cue May 2016 – three months before my summer holiday to Greece. I started a fitness programme called BBG/Sweat with Kayla (which I will post about in more detail separately). I followed the programme on a weekly basis and was relatively confident about getting into my bikini on holiday BUT it made me realise… I am SO sick of having the mad quick-get-my-butt-to-the-gym-so-I-can-put-on-a-bikini-in-3-months panic. I would do the same thing every year, every summer. I  would frantically workout last minute before a holiday and then I’d be shocked when I didn’t see the results I wanted. In hindsight, this is so stupid but it’s true! Sound familiar?! Continue reading

Review: Ministry Does Fitness

Ministry of Sound has launched “Ministry does Fitness” and they sure know how to do fitness!

This week I tried out three classes at The Arches which is just a 5 minute walk from Elephant & Castle tube station. I signed up for Tuesday’s Strength class, Thursday’s Core class and Friday’s Showcase class and they did not disappoint.

The studio has 7 purpose built training stations and is fully-equipped with barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, battle ropes, curved treadmills and TRX. The studio uses the same sound system as the club so you can expect upbeat dance/house tunes and remixes with a whole lotta bass! Topped off with a disco ball and LED spotlights, it is just like, well, working out in the club…hence the crazy lighting in the photos below! Plus there is a bar where you can pre-order healthy post workout shakes or a cocktail for after your workout, if you’re in the mood! Continue reading